Site Acquisition Services

Local experts providing site acquisition services tailored to each client’s needs.

All of our site acquisition services are performed by local experts, including coordinators, project managers, and market managers, who have extensive boots-on-the-ground experience in providing site acquisition services to multiple markets. By utilizing ideas from all over the country, our team is able to provide clients with innovative solutions tailored to meet their specific needs.

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We are site acquisition specialists

At Core One Consulting, we recognize that site acquisition services are an integral part of the overall success of any telecommunication project. That is why our site acquisition team specializes in providing comprehensive project management, leasing, land use, and permitting services that allow us to take an informed approach to creating customized options and solutions for each particular project.

In order to provide our clients with the best site acquisition services in the industry, we employ the latest software programs for implementing a distinct advantage in project tracking, forecasting, and relaying information to clients. Keeping up with the latest software also allows us to create a seamless strategy and approach for streamlining the development and completion of each project.

Our team is the point of contact for everyone involved in the project—from property owners to engineers, from surveyors to the clients—managing every aspect from candidate selection until the permit is pulled, including services such as:

  • Leasing/Zoning Audits
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Land Use Representation
  • Project Management
  • Title Review
  • A&E Design Coordination
  • Lease Renewals
  • Right of Way
  • Tower Management
  • Review & Submittal of Colocation Applications
  • Permitting

Our past experience

With each new project that we take on, our team of site acquisition experts have continued to fine tune and evolve our services to better suit the needs of our clients. This saves our clients both time and money, while still exceeding the expectation of delivering high-quality services and products. Our experienced, dedicated personnel, who are experts in their field and areas of work, are highly proficient in the latest industry software and tools and are constantly updating their knowledge base in order to provide clients with services that are focused on their exact needs. Our team also utilizes their industry experience to fully understand each project’s required process and timelines to deliver accurate, on-time services that adhere to the project’s overall schedule and budget.

  • 1,000’s of telecommunication sites successfully zoned and permitted throughout the US.
  • 1,000’s of successful new site leases, MLA amendments, non-MLA amendments, easement agreements, and landlord consents across the US.
  • Experienced in working directly with carriers, turf vendors, tower companies, and utility companies.
  • Continually meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Providing simple program management in one easy-to-use tool

Our simple program management tool works to help drive the early parts of a project along faster by keeping the client in the loop throughout the entire process. By providing clients with real-time updates and forecasting and recording any documentation they may need down the line, this innovative tool streamlines any site acquisition work and offers complete transparency. Clients also have the option to get daily or weekly update reports or to be notified of any project changes and can easily access our program management tool from any desktop or smartphone.