Construction Management Services

Troubleshooting potential problems faster.

Our construction management services were designed with the client in mind, providing services that not only get the job done right the first time around but also offer the extra care and help our clients require. By tapping into our industry experience, we have managed to create cost-effective solutions that are backed by faster response times and tailored to fit the needs of each unique project.

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We are construction management specialists

The construction management team from Core One Consulting specializes in managing every aspect of an entire project from its inception to handing the day-to-day and any issues that might arise on the jobsite. By using a proactive management style and having our entire team involved and in one place at a time, we are able to ensure that our clients receive a seamless turnkey experience that suits their specific needs, timeline, and budget. Throughout the entire construction management process, our team of specialists also remains in constant communication with each other and the client.

All of our construction management services are performed by our team of highly experienced professionals, who have undergone rigorous training for a range of different trades and practices. Some of the services that our team can help you with are:

  • Vendor and Contractor Qualification
  • Power and Telco Coordination Management
  • Contracted Tower Crew Oversight
  • Construction Schedule Creation
  • Construction Team Management
  • Construction Budget Creation Based on Experience and Site Walks

Our past experience

By utilizing the experience we have gained from our time working in the telecommunications industry, our construction management experts have learned to be prepared for any scenario that might occur. This means taking the time to not only plan ahead but also to maintain a highly organized and structured process that is tailor-made for each individual client and project.

  • New Builds
  • DAS Sites
  • Modification Equipment Upgrades
  • Managing Tower Crews

Providing simple program management in one easy-to-use tool

With the help of our program management tool, clients can stay up to date on exactly what is happening at the jobsite, including when new tasks are starting, upcoming delivery dates, and any other pertinent information. This tool can also be used to upload photos for controlling the overall quality and unity of a project, as well as to exponentially improve the overall speed of communication. Since this easy-to-use tool can be completely customized, clients can choose how much information they want to receive and how often they want to receive it.