Engineering Services

An experienced team ready to take on all types of challenges in an evolving industry.

At Core One Consulting, we tailor our engineering services to our customers’ needs and requirements, while still maintaining state and local code requirements. Maintaining constant communication with our clients and other departments helps us provide accurate and quality engineering services.

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We are engineering specialists

Engineering is one of Core One Consulting’s fundamental services. We offer a variety of engineering services and understand the clients’ needs for a successful project. We are knowledgeable in all forms of structural analysis and are experts in the modification and improvements that need to be made to your structure. Our team of engineering experts not only rely on years of industry experience but are also constantly evolving to shape project designs that can reduce the overall cost of installation by continuously developing their skills and broadening their knowledge by attending seminars on new industry standards and participating in engineering committees.

Core One Consulting offers a wide range of architectural, structural, and electrical engineering services for clients working in the telecommunications industry, including:

Architectural and Engineering Services
  • Project Management
  • Lease Exhibits
  • Zoning Drawings
  • Construction Drawings
  • Feasibility Walks
  • Utility Design
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Site Surveys
  • Telco/Backhaul Designs
  • Fiber Designs
  • Equipment Layout
  • Site Management
  • Electrical Engineering Services
  • Power Audits & Calculations Telco

Structural Services
  • Project Management for Modifications
  • Detailed Analyses and Design
  • Structural Modifications
  • Foundation Analysis and Design
  • Small Cell Design/Analysis
  • Material and Cost Estimates

Our past experience

Years of collective experience have taught us not only how to be more efficient but also how to cut back on unnecessary costs, saving our clients’ time and money in the long run. We have also learned that, in order to become better engineers, we have to learn from our mistakes.

  • Over 1,000 sites designed and modified, including rooftop, tower, new site builds, antenna mods, and inbuilding designs.
  • Venue (DAS) design of the new Edmonton Rogers Place Stadium in Alberta, Canada.
  • Transportation Infrastructure inbuilding design, including tunnels, commuter rail stations, and equipment platforms inside the Evergreen tunnel in Vancouver, Canada.

Providing simple program management in one easy-to-use tool

By using our simple program management tool to track the project throughout the entire engineering stage, our industry experts can keep our clients constantly up to date with any important project details and messages. This easy-to-use tool can be accessed from any computer or smartphone, making it easy for clients to receive notifications about dates for drawing announcements, as well as information about when they can start planning the next stage of their project.